Introducing the Teacherfolio team

Teacherfolio school recruitment tool founder Liz

Liz Foreman


A Deputy Head Teacher with 17 years of experience in the Primary Sector. In addition to the senior leadership role, Liz is working with schools to help them recruit better with digital media.

Teacherfolio school recruitment tool founder John

John Richardson


John is a senior leader with over 12 years experience of working in Primary and Secondary Schools. He has experienced both sides of the recruitment process: the candidate applying for a teaching post and the senior leader recruiting staff to join the school team. It was this experience and discussions with school leaders across the UK that led to the creation of Teacherfolio.

Teacherfolio school recruitment tool Product Manager Ian

Ian Dixon

Product Manager

Using my knowledge and experience in EdTech to build the right product to meet school needs.

Teacherfolio school recruitment tool Designer Lisa

Lisa Badrock

Software Designer

Helping to make teacher recruitment an enjoyable, easy and fun experience through digital design.

Teacherfolio school recruitment tool Marketing Manager Luma

Luma Manina

Marketing Manager

Making sure the Teacherfolio team reaches out to and helps as many schools across the country as possible.

School leaders going through teachers photos and videos

Why school leaders love using Teacherfolio

Why candidates love using Teacherfolio

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